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Town in ohio full of dirty inbred people with dirty diseased kids
Stay away from urichsville boys, they're full of std's.
by flick9924 June 04, 2009
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If your trying to find a town where all the kids think they are better then everyone else and your teenage daughter becomes pregnant at the age of 13, think no where else than urichsville ohio! Here in our good ol heroin infested town, we have more drug dealers than a cartel would no what to do with. Not only do we have drugs, we have little teenage girls that insits upon have sex 24/7! Mainly because there parents probably just shot up on heroin or smoked some meth, oh and another thing, walking in this town the houses are like landmines and one minute you can walk bye and it will explode! So if you wanna come here where the school district favors athletes and spends all of their funds on sports, think no other then urichsville! 922 holla hell ya!
Did you here about that meth lab exploding in urichsville?
by (Daniel Eckhardt) August 24, 2017
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