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People who can't or won't speak proper English and then play the race card when don't get they jobs or respect they feel they deserve. If they'd just stop talking like dumbasses maybe they'd have the same opportunities as everyone else.
People are urban idiots if they say amblance instead of ambulance, ax instead of ask mines instead of mine and etc. You get the idea.....
by ubonics hater December 20, 2008
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People who waste their time coming up with stupid words to define meaningless and unimportant things. Brainless jerks who waste their time insulting others (like I'm insulting them now) in order to feel good about themselves.
Any person who makes up a derogatory, racist, homophobic, insulting, gender-biased, self-centered, sadistic (etc. I could go on) word that puts down anyone but themselves. "He's such an urbanidiot."
by IdiotHater August 26, 2006
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someone who goes onto and defines there name.
Idiot: Dude what are you doing?
Urban Idiot: I'm defining my name on urban dictionary.
Idiot: What did you say?
Urban Idiot: I said "a crazy shorty that loves to fuck. HUGE PACKAGE. can skateboard. loves to put it in the ladies ass. has great hair. sexy as hell. has a great firm ass, and loves people to touch it. it is orgasmic to him. likes all type of music. is in love with the store pac-sun. and has a nerdy brother and he is the exact opposite as his brother."
Idiot: Sweet.
by Afendra March 08, 2009
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