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A pic taken of yourself while donating to charity. Think "unselfish" and "selfie."
I have an unselfie of me dropping a bag of food into a donation receptacle.
by yes juanito yes December 03, 2014
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Jan 26 Word of the Day
a sudden illness experienced on January 20, 2021 when you can’t go into work because you must celebrate the the swearing in of President Joe Biden & Vice-President Kamala Harris signaling the end of the 1460 day hostage situation otherwise known as the Trump Presidency & the defeat of the Potatriot Uprising of January 6, 2021.
I couldn’t go in Wednesday. I had the inauguvirus
by Sonicbo0mz January 21, 2021
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Someone needs to tell me because there is none that i can find.-.
I'm going to put a piece of paper in front of my face and I'm going to take a un-selfie
by AquellaMermTatu May 11, 2014
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