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A rejection of the norm of piracy in relation to today's media, could be related to a number of deeply held beliefs. The reason the term was to shine light on the number of artists releasing their music for free, youtube channels releasing quality content for free, and indie developers releasing quality games for free; rather then giving way to pirating already popular content.
Pirate: I downloaded like 3000 bands and I listen to all of them, and I totally got all of arrested development, and i got a cracked skyrim. But I got a letter saying I shouldn't pirate.

Unpirate: That's cool I am going to listen to music like Trent's Ghost I-IV, watch kick ass freddiew videos, and play sick games like Cave Story for free, because the creators wanted the content to be digested for free. And pay for content the creator wanted me to pay for. Rarely though cause that business model blows ass.
by JohnnyJustice August 16, 2012
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