A word coined on the TV show "The Prisoner." Main character Number Six was once declared "unmutual and disharmonious" for not obeying the rules and for not honoring his obligations as a "citizen" of The Village, his prison. In other words, an "unmutual" was a bad member of the Village society because he was a disruptive influence, refusing to join in or play by the rules.

To be classed as an unmutual meant a citizen would be shunned by other citizens until he conformed or became "mutual." If that didn't work, other citizens would eventually take it upon themselves to correct the unmutual's behavior with increasing levels of violence.

Can be used as a noun, adjective, or insult.
NOUN: "He is an unmutual!"

"Fox News considers any reporter on their staff engaging in honest journalism to be an unmutual."

ADJECTIVE: "Talk show host Bill O' Reilly routinely engages in unmutual behavior when shouting down people with opposing viewpoints."

by mooncity August 10, 2009
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