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UNISA is an abbreviation for the "university" of South Australia.

The unveristy was founded in 1992 after the South Australian School of Dark Arts merged with 4 centrelinks and received misfuded ATSIC money and 300 hectares of land including the 100 acre wood and the gummi bear forest.

Unisa is well known for the highest rate of student dissatisfaction and suicide. Unfortunately it missed out by 1 place in the Australia's Worst rated University title in 2005.

However new management techniques that include harassment, black mail, neglect and violence have ensured that UNISA will reach its position of worst uni. Heights are set to be the worst university in the Asia pacific and even the world!

The university (S.A's biggest) is compromised of 40 000 Students. 36 000 students are from overseas and are primarily at UNISA to get permanent residence. the 4000 other students are locals who missed out on getting in to proper Uni's. Most local students are drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps and scientologists.

UNISA offers very mediocre degrees and is leading the world in groundbreaking research in voodoo economics, Neuro linguistic programming , eugenics and intelligent design.

They aren't just causing problems for students but are also reaching into the wider community by graduating 3rd rate social workers, nurses and teachers.
News reporter : Tonight yet another student was found hanging from a city building.

People : UNISA, you've done it again!
by lolggfyarly October 31, 2007
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