Unicorn rupture sex is when a male and female finally decide to have sex at the age of 2, the boys dick is a one inch wonder meaning that it doesn’t satisfy the girl at all, this leads to the girl getting moody and crawls to get a ruptured unicorn, this unicorn as a 69 inch one meaning it highkey prefers the unicorn, the boy gets jealous so he pushes in hard, he end up getting his leg stuck in there making foot babies
‘oh your so bad let’s have unicorn rupture sex instead!’
by 69wondermalonder October 27, 2017
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two lovers are deeply in love and get to the stage of wanting yo have a 69 then they want to do doggy style but theyre scared their partner doesn't feel the same so they are afraid it will lead to rape, the woman wants anal and wants to suck her partner off but the man just wants to get his dick in her no matter what and eventually they have their night together in bed they wake up with bodily liquid everywhere, then they wake up to realised they fucked so hard the mans dick got stuvk inside of her, but they get it out and the woman pops out twins out of her fanny!!!! he ends it by saying ill rupture your insides anyday baby cakes xoxoxoxo they gives her love bites and they have sex all day in front of their new born twins so they witness baby porn!!!!!!1
YEAH GUYS, you'll never guess what... we finally did it, we did unicorn rupture sex, it was amazing ill do it anytime he can get back in my bed!!!!!!!
by sugardaddyyyyy October 26, 2017
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