1) The name of the final episode of Stargate: SG1
2) An ending that leaves elements unresolved, allowing for sequels or just to shit people.
3) The usual way the second part of a trilogy ends, seeing as how most trilogies are not planned as trilogies, but seeing as how well the first did, producers and other money grabbers decide adding two more movies, books, etc. So when the time comes for an ending to the second part (seeing as how most sequels are never as good as the original) they need to give you a reason to come back for the third part.
1) "man that last episode of SG1 rocked!, despite the fact that very little was resolved, aptly named though"
2) "that was such an unending! What about all those zombies? and how did they get there in the first place!?!?!"
3) Examples include: Matrix trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean triolgy, Halo Triolgy, etc etc
by MMMM, cat fud September 14, 2007
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Not endiced; not easily having the ability to feel empathy or sorrowness for someone.
The reason he couldn't say sorry to him beacause he was unendiced that he believe of what he's doing is right.
by aaroncoryhim April 2, 2008
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"I had to sit through that unending torture the other night."

"Let me guess. Twilight Breaking Dawn part one?"
by ShadowMatt November 23, 2011
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some sexual term, or used in a dissing way
"UNEND of story"
"I'll unend yo face"
by 9293 March 2, 2014
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Unend it bro we only live once
by OWNERSOFUNEND May 20, 2023
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