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Not endiced; not easily having the ability to feel empathy or sorrowness for someone.
The reason he couldn't say sorry to him beacause he was unendiced that he believe of what he's doing is right.
by aaroncoryhim April 2, 2008
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1. Usually refers to people with normal intelligence who cannot get along with those with mental disabilities.



2.Not nice, friendly, or pleasent; mean, malicious, nasty, rude; hostile
No wonder she can't get along with them because of her unniceness.
by aaroncoryhim December 18, 2007
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1. To easily feel emotion to a person or another, having the ability to feel empathy, ability to apologize, or feel sorrowness without any understanding.

2. Free from lacking empathy or sorrowness; sadness.

She was endiced with sadness to feel sorry for him because she did not understand what was happening to him.
by aaroncoryhim April 2, 2008
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