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Chemical reaction that takes place when amino based macromolecules dissociate in a volatile, dark reactions catalyzed by the interaction of pherhomones when two organisms approach the critical mass from the positive perspective of infinity and approach zero, forcing interaction of released airborne particles to increase both in pressure and intensity, and decrease in volume until the reaction, scientifically known as "undoophy" is achieved. undoophy, as a general rule, is triggered by a lack of exposure to undulating energy waves, as produced by atmospheric distortion, and occurs most frequently and most spontaneously when the reactants in the equation are bombarded with energy sources whose ratio of distorted waves to direct exposure is in a pure, integral and differentiable proportion such that the first derivative is a negative with a massive absolute value. thus, undoophy can only be reached once, in a small window timeframe.
a mushroom heap the fantastic wizens the wizard when wacco and bonkers make music together and produce "undoophy"
by a. Dan June 26, 2003
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