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The most fucking amazingly awesome kid in the rich, white ass town of mendham,nj. Nearly every girl fantasizes about fucking him on a daily basis. Just the mention of his name brings extreme horniness to every girl hearing it. He is also the only turkish kid in mendham boro. Also refered to as Air Umut, Dr. Turkelton and the beast from the middle east
Girl: hi, what's your name
Umut: my name is Umut
Girl: fuck me...

Kid: damn i wish i was as pimpin and sexy as Umut, Then i'd have all the bitches.
by umut and sam February 18, 2008
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Person who drinks too much, acts like a little bitch and then gets whacked, or cucked by other males, usually of higher superiority than an Umut.
Instagram is his habitat, of turkish origin.
Umut: "Give up if you see me"
Other people: "why are you such a dick umut"
Alpha male: "you better apologize to everyone...individually"
by EnglishOxfordDicktionary June 13, 2017
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