the action of when you Ejaculate and Urinate at the same time. This happens when you hold your Urine in and Jack-Off while you let it out
by Сосать Дика March 27, 2018
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When you love your friend so much that you call them your daddy umpkin.

Mainly someone who has a Minecraft head.
“I love you my daddy umpkins”

“I love you to my little umpkin… let’s go shart on FaceTime later together”
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1. A pumpkin that is WAY too fat.
2. Someone you love dearly
3. Part of the "Cuppy cake" song.
4. What little kids use to say "Pumpkin"
1. Wow! That pumpkin is a pumpy umpy umpkin!
2. Your my Pumpy umpy umpkin! :D
3. ♪♫You're my Honey bunch sugar plum, pumpy umpy umpkin! ♪♫
4. "Daddy! I want to carve a Pumpy Umpy Umpkin!
by Drone number 3234 December 28, 2009
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