Ulster fry...a favourite breakfast the world over.
The Ulster fry consists of 2 sausages,2 bacon,2 slices of potato bread 2 soda bread and an egg....some people also cook tomatoes with it....similar to the full English only much tastier...and certainly not inferior as previously described.
by pentio September 05, 2006
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probably one of the most delicious dishes ever to be created,the ulster fry is like manna from heaven.sunday morning is the best time to enjoy one of these greasy,high cholesterol wonders.a chief fry will usually contain
1 half soda farl
1 tatie bread
2 sausages
2 bacon
1 tomato,fresh
1 fried egg with a runny yolk
to drink, a tin of tennents you found in your pocket from saturday(the previous) night.failing that tea or juice will do fine.
after you have eaten,a most enjoyable activity to participate in is smoking a fat joint.

to note this is far superior to the full english breakfast
me:"here ma make us a ulster fry there"
ma:"no probs son,but theres no sodas"
me:"shite.toast then..."
by Kunstable January 16, 2007
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The Food Of The Gods.

However, if eaten in large quantities is highly hazerdous to your health.
Beware the Ulster Fry side, it is more seductive, and will give you a heart attack by the time you're 45
by Dirge November 06, 2004
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1. An unexplainably scrumptious breakfast, invented by the good men and women of Ulster. Best eaten as a treat on Sunday morning.

2. A sickening ulsterism (local speak) for a mans exterior reproductive organs.
1. OHHHHH. I’ve never experienced a more heavenly Ulster Fry.

2. A large pack of ferrets just attacked my Ulster Fry.
by love munky December 18, 2005
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One of Ulster's (Northern Ireland)most famous dishes embracing the best of local produce - bacon, sausages, eggs and breads. Primarily a breakfast dish but popular at any time of day with a few additions like chops, steak, kidneys, liver, tomatoes and mushrooms.

What makes the Ulster fry distinctive from any other fry-up is the addition of farls, potato cakes and usually a scotch pancake, therefore much more emphasis on carbohydrates.

A typical fry for one person will consist of:
2 sausages
2 bacon rashers
2 slices black or white pudding
1/2 farl and/or soda bread
potato cake
scotch pancake
1-2 large eggs

It will often be accompanied by toast too.......... just in case the fry-eater should feel a little peckish!
When she ordered her cooked breakfast, Ruth was amazed at the amount of bread products on her plate! This was her first encounter with the famous Ulster fry!
by w00fdawg October 31, 2005
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