One of the most accurate ways of describing twenty one pilots' music, although they really don't have a genre. It is a mix of screaming/screamo and ukulele playing.

If you would like an example, listen to the albums Vessel and Blurryface or any acoustic version on YouTube. They will bless your ears.
How would you describe tøp's music?
Ukulele screamo.
by sitinsilence September 27, 2016
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A genre only known to fans of Twenty Øne Piløts and the lead singer, Tyjo Joseph, and his fren Jish Dun-shine. If you wish to preform this mystical genre all you need is an in- tune ukulele and the vocal chords of a gracefully dying cat. Your welcome.
“How does he do that?” Sarah says, a non-intellectual she is.
“it’s called Ukulele Screamo, Sarah, can you spell it,” Jaiden says.
“Get out of here with your riverdale references!” Shouts a uncultered bafoon from the distance.
by Spøöky.j April 14, 2018
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