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O and just in case you were wondering ukjmn has NO MEANING. The name is simply letters close to each other on the keyboard compilied into a "name". It has been given an acronymn although after the name itself was created. U.nder K.over J.uice M.aN. Even that has no particular meaning, except the fact that ukjmn loves orange juice, but even that was NOT the reason for the odd acronymn. For this reaon ukjmn may also be known as any of the following: juice, juice man, uk, steve (as this is his real name), or some butchered atempt at spelling it (e.g.: uijknm)
Hey juice! Can you teach me that killer glitch?
by ALTER EGO October 21, 2004
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Under Kover Juice Man
There is a great sectret glitcher that is a ukjmn
by Rebel October 23, 2004
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This is one of the best glitchers out there. Although he may lurk in the shadows of glitching, not very well known, the skills he has are mad. If you see this character report it right away. He is at large and wanted for his crazy outburst. If you have a week heart and are a horrible glitcher stay away for ye shalt get thy rectum flogged. BE VERY CAREFUL.
HOLY CRAP! I just felt a terrible disturbance in the glitching balance of the n00b and l33t player force. It MUST have been the fabled ukjmn moving swiftly by! FEAR FOR YOUR LIVES!
by ALTER EGO October 17, 2004
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