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a great guy who has a lot to say. if he is your brother you have a lot of love for him no matter what. he is cool, chill, the half black guy, and funny.
girl: who is that
other girl: that is the half black guy! his name is Tyree
by December 30, 2015
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Most likely the most brilliant person you've ever met. Smart, witty, handsome indefinitely, and a irresistible charm! One of a kind sex and talents that would keep you interested forever!
Girl 1: who's that
Girl 2: who him? Oh that's Tyree he's so sexy rig...
Girl 1: *faints*
by Urbanizationdictionary March 13, 2017
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A very complicated person to figure. He’s the type of guy who’s very young so he doesn’t understand the full potential of love . He has been heartbroken a lot of times so it’s very hard for him to trust a female . He’s bright , very intelligent and outspoken. But he can also be a very disrespectful asshole.
Have you met Tyree yet ? He’s very rare and very down to earth but he needs to learn how to trust again.
by _rizzyree February 16, 2018
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A half-black guy who gets all the ladies

Jack: "Whos that kid over there?"
John: "He's that half black guy who gets all the girls,"
Jack: "I wish i could be him."
Tyree gets all the ladies
by Dictionaryurban937827382 December 12, 2016
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Tyree is and cool and big boned person he is a ladys man but can still beat somone ass and play ball
Person:Damn tyree u get a the bitches
by Bobby rob October 12, 2017
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A beautiful, generous young woman who cares for others and helps them in times of need. She is kind, smart, funny, and determined.
Man glancing at a woman: Wow shes such a Tyree.
by Yayaz3333 October 19, 2013
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verb: the act of catching something by pressing it against your head to control it.

May apply for all mannerisms outside of football, even if a friend tosses you a bottle and you catch it by using your head.
Person 1: Could you toss me my Coke?

Person 2: Sure.

Person 2 throws coke bottle to Person 1 and in an attempt to catch it Person 1 grasps the bottle against the top of his head to control it.

Person 2: Man you straight Tyree'd that thing, nice catch!

by LordInfamous87 November 17, 2008
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