To presume that an actor or actress will assume a character akin to that for which they have previously become famous. A good example is Matt Le Blanc. Having become so famous for his laid back, butt of all jokes character Joey in the tired US comedy Friends, it becomes hard to take him seriously in any other type of role.
Mike: Shall we rent 'Lost in Space'?

James: (hysterical laughter) Look, it's Joey on the cover trying to look hard!

Mike: Yeah, I guess he has been type cast
by Jim Birtwisle January 17, 2008
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The act of pretending you know some thing when in reality you have little to no idea on the subject and are just bs-ing
Phillip: hey what's capital of california

Tyler: san fransisco
Phillip: umm I'm pretty sure its sacremento

Tyler: no no you're wrong.
Phillip: you type-casting me?
by phildo75 July 26, 2011
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