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Tyasia is a beautiful girl and such a wonder name She will play hard to get but at the end of the day she will be 100% loyal & faithful to her man if you ever get you a TYASIA hold on to her even if she starts running! Tyasia is typically not from asia but her style is hotter than a Fever & the way they walk . She will be quick to catch a attitude
Hey there sweet lady
Tyasia - gone on somewhere
by mexicanChickgotstyle March 17, 2014
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A wild, humble, crazy, loud, blunt woman who tells you how it is. No sugar coating. Loyal, only to those who deserve it.
Person 1: yooo who's that girl that put Marie in her place in front of the whole school!?
Person 2: that's Marie's friend Tyasia lol
by Undercover Lawyer July 01, 2017
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Tyasia a young beautiful lady she so unique she is never desperate she might tell a fib but only if she has too if u get a tyasia hold on cuz she gonna run faster then u saying where she can beat anyone ass but she is very loving and loyal when it comes to her man she don't play it U break her heart u gonna regret it if u cheat u gonna regret it she loves everyone equal so always treat her with respect and she will to the same.💋🤘
Boy:Who dat girl
Boy2: that's tyasia my future wife
Boy:No I liked her first
Girl:I hope she a lesbian

Boy&Boy2:she's not she is mine
Tyasia:I'm sorry I'm straight and I can't date y'all cuz I don't want y'all to fight I love yall💗💓
Girl,boy&boy2:we love u more❤❤❤❤
by Lovingalittle July 14, 2018
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