Charles Shaw -- a dirt-cheap (but better than you'd expect) wine you can get at Trader Joe's for $2 a bottle in Cali. A little more expensive elsewhere.
Let's see. we got the PBR, the two-buck Chuck, burgers and fries from Mickey D's... Okay, go let Queen Elizabeth in for dinner, now, Laura.
by Brian X July 2, 2003
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a wine with its orgins being in american airlines, outlawed on airplanes after american government crackdowns, it was then bought en masse by Trader Joe's at an extremely low price, as such Trader Joe's was able to sell said wine to the public at a low cost ($2.00) while still turning a large profit, being called Chuck as it rhyms with Buck (an american slang term for dollar) and is a nickname for a person named Charles with the actual name of the wine being Charles Shaw
Person A : "I'm going to Trader Joe's, do you want anything?"
Person B : "Ya, get me some Two Buck Chuck"
Person A : "okay"
by boring old me December 31, 2005
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An Australian slang word for a bottle of extremely cheap and nasty wine. Often confused with 'goon'.
Due to high alcohol taxes in Australia, despite the name, two-buck-chuck which once would've cost $2, may now cost anywhere up to $5.

The name is derived from its affect on the consumer, as drinking it very fast is potent and often makes the consumer quickly drunk and vomit violently.
It is often drunk for these above reasons- to get inebriated quickly and frugally.
Additonally- the action of vomiting quickly to sober yourself up, and to get back to partying is called having a "power-chuck".
"Do you want to get pre-drinks, before we got out?" "Nah, no time mate, I'm just gonna down a bottle of two-buck-chuck"
by A.Welles April 11, 2023
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Charles Shaw once started a winery. He owned it with his wife and 5 children. Due to the financial troubles associated with the winery, his wife wanted a divorce. As part of the divorce settlement, she acquired the winery. As a result of how hurt he was by the divorce, he lowered the price of the wine to $2 thinking she wouldn't make any money and never get out of the pile of debt the winery had cost them. Little did he know of how successful it would be.
by HustleRose October 2, 2013
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