(AA) An airline based in Dallas, TX. Operated flights from Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX, Chicago, IL, New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, and San Juan, PR.
by RokinRyan September 8, 2006
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In Texas Hold 'Em Poker, a slang term for getting dealt a pair of aces, the best possible starting hand in the game. Also known as pocket rockets.
We were playing a game of hold 'em last night, and I got dealt American Airlines! Then, an ace of hearts came out on the flop and i won the whole pot!
by rhaps0dy August 4, 2004
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1) An embarrassment for the airline
2) When airlines are comparing things, usually in a bad way
1) This leaky plane toilet is such an american airlines
by paper lines June 8, 2010
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One of America's "legacy carriers" and the largest airline in the world by passenger-revenue-miles. Headquartered in Forth Worth, Texas. CEO is Gerald Arpey. Has hubs in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Boston.
American Airlines: something special in the air. F-U.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com August 4, 2007
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When you sneak up on someone sleeping on a flight, and masturbate in his/her hair.
by Porno Jon March 20, 2008
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The DMV of Airlines. American has no shame when it comes to wasting their passengers time. They book so many flights that if a plane lands early it will have to sit and wait for its scheduled arrival time because they wont have a gate available to accomodate it. Baggage takes longer than any other airline with an average wait of 25 minutes after arrival but sometimes as long as an hour. American doesnt try because they think theyre "too big to fail" and they know there will not be a shortage of customers who want cheap flights.
Im glad American Airlines got my baggege out before I passed away from natural causes.
by Faymkonzi June 7, 2018
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Being in a state of extreme fatigue, frustration, and powerlessness after experiencing a day full of things going wrong, full of delays and mishaps, with absolutely no one taking responsibility or helping you out.
by jeffsmith96162 September 4, 2019
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