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A typo on Twitter which, when read aloud as typed, sounds like the typist is speaking with a lisp or other speech impairment.

When you mistype on Twitter, especially late at night or while drinking.
"Did you read her tweets from last night? She got all twispy and I couldn't make them out."

"They make elwcteonic cigs now."
"I think we scraed Anna away by jumpinh on her tweet the second shw woke up."
by VocalicPage August 21, 2012
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A very cool, funky mountain town in the east slope of the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state.
Hey, let's head over to Twisp and get out of the Seattle rain.
by thegreenmanpan July 06, 2010
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The greatest person you will ever meet in your entire life. this person fills the room with amazingness and beautifulness. If you never come into contact with a twisp you will be the saddest person alive.
The feeling i got when Twisp walked in was amazing!
by CHOPPERNOONIONS June 22, 2011
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Word rarely but possibly confused with the word "twist" in the song titled "my first kiss" by 3OH!3, featuring ke$ha.
I caught Heatha twisping with Shriney behind the 50's icecream parlor. Sweet.. literally.

Did he use his tongue to twisp? -kaitlin
by twispies June 27, 2010
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