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someone who is always there for you && is almost like your twin. its sort of like best friend but to the craazy level(: they give you advice, hug you when you need it, tell you that you look bad when you do then help you fix yourself up, defend you when you are in deep shit, encourage you to do good, has the same interests as you, are always truthful, makes you smile when you are completely bummed, they would cry if you'd cry, an advice giver, they know when something is wrong, will break someones face if they break your heart♥, never break a promise, a shopping buddy, someone to laugh with and make funny quotes and stupid stories with, a person who would run around the world with you if you had to, will take pictures of you jumping over a fence at your birthday party, someone to dance with and laugh your asses off, they are RELATEABLE, and even though you might not see eachother often she will keep wanting to hang out and won't stop believing that you all will.
OMG, paa is like my twineezy. She is like my other half(:
by kRiistaaSiianfAceee August 18, 2009
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