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Anyone who uses and abuses Twitter. Tweeting about anything and everything. Anyone who feels the need to update about every mundane act throughout the day from the waking up "good morning" tweet to the going to bed "good night" tweet and every shit they take inbetween.

Anyone that follows any celebrity extensively on twitter.

However, anyone who tweets to makes fun of tweet tards tweets would not be considered a tweet tard.
Dude, did you Sarah Palin's twiter about Death Panels? They are for real!

I can't believe you even follow her on twitter, she's such a tweet tard.
by x2daztimes3 September 04, 2009
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Anyone who doesn't understnd the 140 character limit of Twitter
So the other day I was totally on the highway and this stupid car cut me off I was like what the fuck and I swerved over. Needless to say Iā€¦ā€¦.

Sorry about that last Tweet. Iā€™m such a tweet tard
by phiberosmosis September 12, 2009
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