Suck this turtlehead out my buuuutthole!!
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
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what would be call the "head" of the terd poking out just to annoy you until you make it to the bathroom
I had a mean turtle head today since I didn't want to shit in the bathrooms at work.
by Fat Bastard August 07, 2002
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The unfortunate occurrence of needing to shit so bad that you feel your shit is poking out, not unlike the head of a turtle protruding from its shell.
Oh no, I haven't pooped in two days and I've got a serious turtlehead
by youbeenhazed January 23, 2016
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When a guy wears pants that are too tight for him and his pee-pee makes an outline in his pants giving the illusion of a turtle popping out of his shell
Guys shouldn't wear spandex pants, no broad thinks turtle head is hot
by The Big Topper June 10, 2010
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the head of a small animal known as a 'turtle'. Jesus, how obvious was that?
Billy went to the zoo and saw a turtle. Suprisingly, it had a head.
by Prof.Turtle August 04, 2005
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When you moon someone and do a fart and a piece of shit sticks out then pops back.
Turtle Head
by Teadrinker May 20, 2009
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