Usually after a big turkey meal; aka Thanksgiving, it's the rotten stench created in your rectum and peaked with its pressure release. These special farts are well defined with a pungent turkeyish shit smell.
Man, that dinner was awesome, but grandma is killing me with her turkey farts...
by Logan Cyrus December 18, 2008
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A series of high-level economic treaties signed during the mid 1990s between Florida, Miami-Dade County, and a series of mole creatures known as Tar Tar.
Resident one: "My revenue stream is all fudged up from these turkey farts!"

Resident two: "Whoa!"
by Casino Williams-Williams August 10, 2011
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An individual who has a profound interest in turkey farts. To be labeled a turkey-fart enthusiast, or TFE for short, one must consume at least 1 lb. of turkey every day.
Kyle: "Did you hear Drew is a turkey-fart enthusiast?"

Tenor: "No, but I can smell it!"

Kyle: "Oh god... me too..."
by Gmork September 5, 2011
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The distinct smell of turkey dinner when one farts, usually following thanksgiving dinner. Some say it is the one time of year that farts smell good.
Chris, your turkey dinner fart smells delectable.
by Bologna November 25, 2005
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