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A "turd cake" is a useless little nerd, most often they are in their early teens, like 12 year old boys.

BUT, they can also be adults who never grew out of the "turd cake" stage.
ex: Mr. Charles, can I have this? Mr. Charles, can I have that?
Mr. Charles, I am cooler than you.

Turd Cake Repellent starts with: No you useless "turd cakes" stfu, and go bother your parents.
by Max Chill February 26, 2010
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A cake whitch is infact made out of turds, a favoured food of turd munchers.
Britney Spears: "mmmmm.... that turd cake sure was nutty Lindsay"

Lindsay Lohan: "Just the way I like it Britney"
by Matt Willy October 10, 2007
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When a situation/event/item/story or person seems really appealing but turns out to be full of shit.
Like slicing into a delicious looking cake and finding a dogshit in the middle of it.
I got really exited when i heard about Terminator 3 but it wad a total fucking turdcake man!
by maktimus March 11, 2014
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fred:"stay away from ted".
confused guy: "why whats wrong?"
fred:"jabroni just ate a mean turd cake"
by tomcon5 October 21, 2009
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