when someone is playing a game or sport exceptionally well; a player who appears to be a level above everyone else around is turbosmurfing.

In video games, someone who is beating everyone else badly can be considered smurfing. Smurfing is when a higher skill player uses an alternate, fresh account and gets paired with lower skill players, so they end up beating everyone else badly. Turbosmurfing is the next level of smurfing.
Did you see that lolTyler1 pentakill yesterday? He's turbosmurfing dude
by yassuo (moe) February 12, 2018
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When ratirl duoq abuses so hard that he gets two penta kills in the same game its called turbosurfing
"rat is turbosmurfing again"
by TheNerdifyer June 7, 2019
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Turbosmurfing is a term for when your teammate makes such a bad play that you have no other words for how bad it was and so you go mental boom. This will cause you to believe that play was the best possible play in that scenario which makes your teammate an unbelievable smurf. However, it was such an exceptional play that it's a different level of smurfing which makes them a turbosmurf.
holy shit that guy is turbosmurfing
by NO MORE COKE February 12, 2018
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Term used by edgy 13 year olds when they are winning in a game of 'League of Legends'
"Lol I turbosmurfed on my gold promos today on Draven"

"I might get bullied at school but at least when I get home to my useless life I can turbosmurf on lows"

"I was Turbosmurfing bot lane but these ?XD cancer bad retard junglers keep ruining my game"
by qwe8ura January 26, 2022
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turbosmurfing is known as the art of astro fisting ugandalow stomping piss stucker refugees on accounts bought from turbosmurfs.gg
"Yo bro, i am turbosmurfing on the stuckers"
by iNiffo January 23, 2023
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