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Mental boom is when a series of unfortunate events happen and another unlucky scenario presents itself causing you to lose your shit. This may happen by talking to that ONE fucker or any other triggering thing. This causes you to lose your shit for the rest of your day and tilts the fuck out of you and you feel like committing sudoku.

Variations of this include:
mental go boom
mental go sky
holy fuck I'm just mental boom
by NO MORE COKE February 14, 2018
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Turbosmurfing is a term for when your teammate makes such a bad play that you have no other words for how bad it was and so you go mental boom. This will cause you to believe that play was the best possible play in that scenario which makes your teammate an unbelievable smurf. However, it was such an exceptional play that it's a different level of smurfing which makes them a turbosmurf.
holy shit that guy is turbosmurfing
by NO MORE COKE February 12, 2018
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