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1. An affectionate yet self-deprecating nickname for a pre-1996, rear wheel drive, turbocharged Volvo. "Brick" is a reference to the aerodynamic, aesthetic, and structural qualities shared between Volvo automobiles(the older boxy variety) and rectangular bricks of hardened clay commonly used in construction.
"It might be a Volvo and it might be turbocharged but your 2001 Volvo s80 is NOT a turbobrick."

"Is everything on this turbobrick being held together by zip-ties and J.B Weld?!?!"

"My turbobrick is on fire!!!"
by turbobricker August 10, 2007
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an internet club for older volvo model enthusiasts
volvo turbo station wagon
"i was on turbobricks and you wouldnt beleive what i found out about zipties, duct tape, and adult diapers!!!!"
by volvodom October 09, 2006
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Turbocharged Volvo station wagon or saloon designed under Jan Wilsgaard, who was Chief Designer from 1950-1990. Included are the models series 144 through 850. The 900 series is also included as being among the cadre of genuine Turbobricks. They are true sleepers, looking deceptively tame on the outside, but with hyper-engineered powerplants under the hood, often generating much more than one horsepower per cubic-inch-displacement.
"I was in my 5.0 Mustang at a light and got blown away by a boxy Volvo station wagon. I have never heard such a roar! I was pulling away from him at first, then he blew past me."

"Yea, you got eaten by a Turbobrick that likely has less than half the engine. There is a replacement for displacement; it's called turbo-boost!"
by walford July 06, 2018
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