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Crippling fear of tupperwear or plastic containers in which food is kept in.

Rules the persons whole life as the person cannot have picnics, lunch-boxes, store left overs etc.

The person with the phobia cannot touch the tupperwear, eat out of it, look at it, or even stand the smell of it.

The fear can cause people to feel physically sick in the presence of tupperwear
First person ever to be know to have this fear was Eleanor Kain- who was a weird creation of life.
"hey dude, do you want some pasta salad"

"Oh god no, it's in freaking tupperwear man, think i'm going to throw up!"

" what the hell?"

"i have tupperwearaphobia"
by tupperwearkills April 17, 2011
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A strong fear of plastic food containers and the refusal to eat of them.
Lily is terrified of tupperware

Lily won't eat leftovers, she is afraid of containers. She has tupperwearaphobia
by hmmmminteresting March 03, 2019
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