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One (usually a male in their teens or early twenties) who reads into the character of their romantic or sexual target (by general stereotyping), in order to find the most effective way with which to attract them.

An alternative definition: A guy who "gets it on" with more than one chick at a time, and would not make a respectable bf.
He is so <i>tuning</i> her. --> "He is such a <i>tunedog</i>."
by Clarla March 28, 2008
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A tunedog is a male (above the age of 10) who tunes multiple females at once, even sometimes subconsciously. A tunedog is usually well liked and good looking.
"That guy over there is such a tunedog hes got like 4 chicks on his dick", "I dont even think he's trying either!", "That tunedog is the king pussy magnet"
by m8million March 27, 2015
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