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When in the middle of sexual relations, and panties start to come off. In the middle of this act, a foul odor has arisen out of nowhere. This my friends in tuna suprise.
Tim: So how did things go with Amber last night?

Chris: Well... things went alright until I headed down south.

Tim: What happended? Did she hit ya with the tuna suprise?

Chris: How did you know?

Tim: I fucked her last week.
by Frazier September 03, 2006
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When one orders a tuna suprise at a vending machine this is what happens...
1) You put your money in the machine and press the corresponding number.
2) Nothing. Nothing happens for about 90 seconds. Most people will think that the long wait is the suprise and as they are about to turn away...
3) An arm hoding a large fish appears from the vending machine and slaps you, and a voice says "Suprise bitch!"
Omar: Hey Azeem, have you tried that 'tuna suprise'?
Azeem: No, should I?
Yossee: Yes.
by Fannel October 05, 2005
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What happens to men after they get married. Strange women start trying to give you free tuna, you former girlfriend (now wife) stops giving you tuna.
"Man she said I do and no more tuna, but woman I could not have tagged before are flocking to me. Tuna Suprise!
by ricflairismyfather October 07, 2005
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