Noun; Meaning "Spicy and Fucking hot as shit" in latin
Girl: *walks by*
Guy: *texting his friends* "yo I just saw bra tumor walk bye!!"
Guys friends: "Oh shit bro u lucky"
by ouchiewoooo February 06, 2017
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A large, slightly burnt bubble on a slice of pizza, making it more or less appealing to the pizza eater
"Oh man gimme that slice with the huge pizza tumor"

"NO! Don't give me the one with the Pizza Tumor"
by Uabua October 14, 2007
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Large bulge under a man's shirt resembling pregnancy. Like a pot belly but usually associated with an otherwise normal, nice looking, well educated, younger male.
" Ya know, Jason would be a real catch if he'd just loose the food tumor."

"Do you have a table available, my food tumor makes it hard to sit in a booth."
by udrtkr1 March 21, 2010
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One who doesn't really add to a situation, but is just there. Usually you don't mind them, they just tag along.
"Yeah, that tag along fatty is a benign tumor fo sho!"

"She just sat there."
"Benign tumor?"
by Deesh November 05, 2006
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Someone who sucks the fun out of any party or social gathering. Even their presence is enough to kill the vibe of any party.
Ah man, who invited this creep? What a Party Tumor. This party is ruined.
by TheFiend138 June 02, 2016
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Diamond ring, as worm by a woman to announce to the world that some other dude (not you) is snacking on her goodies... look elsewhere, this one's infected
So I spy this mad hottie at the bat the other night. I'm just about to drop some game when I notice she's got a carbon tumor. I've got no playbook for married chicks!
by somegeyeinCLE November 08, 2010
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