in spanish it means 'your mom is a bicycle because people ride her!' its a great way to diss your friends with out them knowing what the hell your talking about.
your friend: hey your mom is so fat!!
you: oh yeah well 'tu madre es una bicicleta porque personas montan su!'
by tu madre es tu mama June 15, 2011
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Patrick Kluivert said this to the referee(Diaz Vega) in the game Barcelona - Real Madrid in 1999. It means "I shit on your whore mother. He got the red card for it.
by Carsi May 3, 2009
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its a comeback when somebody try to come at you , it's basically like "your mom" but in Spanish.
"Melissa your pussy stinks"
Melissa's comeback would be "tu Madre"
by amos-@bruhizmia0308 June 30, 2020
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