To Trendy To Function. For those hipster and overall trendy individuals who uphold any and all stereotypes. The mere sight of such individuals is overwhelming to the eye. All one can do I pray to one day be worthy of such trendiness.
"Hoodie. Check. Adolescent facial hair. Check. Unnecessary Eye ware. Check. Combat Boots. Check. Originally Unoriginal personality. Check."

"That individual is TTTF! To Trendy To Function! Dear Santa, For Christmas, I'd like to be as trendy as that individual. Thanks, Love, Me."
by IfOnlyIfOnly January 26, 2011
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Too teen to fuck. A Girl who is too young to have sex and still try to get some.
Wow, This teen is tttf. Good luck to her.
by Alex513 September 19, 2005
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