"Too stupid; didn't read." Used to warn new visitors to a site that one of the regular denizens habitually makes comments lacking in factual basis, logic, or perspective. Plays on "tl;dr," frequently used as a criticism of commenters who post walls of text to make points unworthy of the time either to write or read.
I see our usual font of idiocy has posted another ts;dr comment. If you value your brain cells you'll skip reading it.
by ak4mc July 12, 2011
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The opposite of tl;dr.

To short; didn't read.
"Did you see how small his post was?"

"No, ts;dr"
by Harry Krishna July 26, 2008
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To small didn't read, when a post has such a small font that it's impossible to read it.
Dude please make you post smaller ts;dr!
by susiezz April 26, 2012
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Too Small; Didn't Ride
"Hey, so did you hook up with John last night?"
"Nope he took off his pants and TS;DR.:
by ScottyDoesKnow February 28, 2014
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