TRVP is for Trap. Trap is a conversion of hip hop/rap music making love to electronic music thus creating an amazing genre of music, bass filling lyrical sound
There's a bunch of genres of edm, I myself prefer TRVP, dub step, drum and bass, and sometimes a little deep house.
by Plurific March 17, 2016
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trvp can mean two things which is “ to really value positivity” or trap just in a different spelling
“ girl i was at the trvp yesterday fr block was hot”

trvp.twinz ( look them up on ig and youtube)
by daddy322 August 13, 2019
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the ratchet spelling of the word trap. commonly used by teenagers who can't type in a normal fucking "a"
bro im a fucking trvp lord.... NOT
by meh left nut February 15, 2016
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Trvp is an acronym which stands for .
Trust in yourself

Realize your goals

Vacate the bull crap

Prosper overall
I been trvping all my life
by Trvp Townes September 9, 2018
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A Young Philadelphia Artist, writer and producer .
Yoooo did you hear Trvp Lvne's new album bro!?
by The Hood Hero February 23, 2021
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