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An agricultural establishment where pickups and big-rigs are grown.
They grow VEGETABLES on a VEGETABLE farm, FRUIT on a FRUIT farm, TREES on a TREE farm, and MILK AND COWS on a DAIRY farm, so what do they grow on a TRUCK FARM? Why, TRUCKS, naturally! (Well, duhhh...) And I'll bet they even have separate pickup-truck seed-packets for Chevys, Dodges, Fords, GMCs, etc., and then individual semi-trailer seeds for Kenworths, Macks, Whites, Freightliners, Peterbilts, etc. Probably the trucks all start out green as they're maturing, and then they eventually"ripen" into different paint-colors when they're ready to harvest. :P
by QuacksO January 20, 2018
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