A disgruntled photog who trolls blogs and forums trying to convince people they should pay thousands of dollars in penalties for accidentally infringing on the copyright of an image.
"I accidentally used a copyrighted image on my blog and now I've got a trollog saying I have to pony up $1K for an image I wouldn't pay ten bucks for."
by Ziggernaut October 15, 2012
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A series which claims to be a trilogy or have 3 parts but in reality does not.
Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy claims to be a trilogy in 4 parts, making it a trollogy.

The Lord of The Rings series, if you count the Hobbit, it is a trollogy.
by Schweff December 13, 2012
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When someone apologizes but doesn't really mean it. They will attempt to re-phish a reply and if you do side with them then you were trolled again.
<Johnston> I'm sorry man, I was an ass earlier.
(other channel) <Johnston> Gonna troll this person into thinking I'm sorry to see what they say, and then will have fun with that. :D <Johnston> trollogized.
by grindd July 3, 2013
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