a male human who can chug and eat anything that is given to him
Son)iwant a #9,#7,#1,2#5's....

Mother)son don't be such fuckin' troll
by ILboy June 18, 2008
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1.a woman at St.Joes University who resembles Fiona From Shrek.
2. Creates annoying noises in her head, such as lacrosse balls bouncing, and proceeds to follow up on it for 2 and a half hours relentlessly keeping all male occupants above her awake.
by drewzachdevin December 14, 2008
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a mystical creature which exhibits chode-like characteristics, well-known for their thunderous thighs as well as voice
The troll was so thick it rolled off Matt's bed.
by Amby da Wamby January 05, 2004
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dog whistle used by "anarcho" capitalists to identify non-ancaps who have a deep understanding of their ideology and argumentation tricks, whose valid criticisms of the ideology cannot be dismissed with the talking points and gotchas that are effective on the less experienced.
"I hate that troll wilfra, none of my fallacious arguments work on him and he knows more about anarcho-capitalism than I do."
by twoambien June 27, 2016
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A person that request Facebook friendships for the purpose of traversing privacy settings
Person 1~ I sall where Billy is with Becky on Facebook
Person 2~ How did you see that, I thought his profile was private
Person 1~ it is but I made fake account and trolled his wall
Person 2~ who was the troll?
Person 1~ Wendy, that hot chick on the cheer squad
Person 2~NiCccccEeeee
by Glitchin February 08, 2013
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Troll are retarded morons with delusions of self importance
The trolls at the NYT New York Times are at it again.
by Booneoracle December 03, 2017
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The art of annoying people subtly.
A is troll
B is victim
"I like men" B
"So ur gay?" A
"Yup" B

"JK" B
" who's ur man crush?" A
" Dude jokes over I'm straight" B
"No no no, I understand it's hard to admit but I new since the very sta- " A
" I HATE YOU!!!!!11!1!1!!1" B
via giphy
by Fire Flake February 06, 2017
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