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1. A person that leaves comments like fake and gay and 1st on your youtube videos because he has a small penis and hates his life so he posts stuff that gets under your skin and will keep posting that shit.
2. A mythical creature that has long hair,short and fat and lives in cave. similar to the troll you'll find leaving stpuid comments on your myspace,facebook,youtube, etc.
3. The toy that was around in 90's that had neon hair and was short and fat.
4. A person who you dont want commenting on your shit.
5. An ugly ass girl.
1. Mark Dude someone commented on your video.
Jimmy Yeah, whats it say?
Mark This Video is fake and gay just like your mom
Jimmy Fucking troll
2. In school we read Billy Goats Gruff and there was a troll in the story.
3. dude Remember the 90's when we used to collect trolls
other dude Yeah those were the shit.
4. Charles Susy commented on facebook status.
Mikey Why does this bitch keep trollin my shit
5.Yo bruh did you see that cheerleader that football team ran a train on?
Yeah, She's a fucking troll I dont know what the fuck they were thinking.
by roundrock15 June 03, 2010

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