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A gay guy who is so nasty that he makes regular faggots throw up.

If you are a dude and there's a nasty gay anywhere in the room, you won't be able to get rid of the nasty feeling of him undressing you with his slimy eyes and bending you over with his slimy ghost-hands and slipping his slimy ghost-peen into your butt and tickling your ball sack with his slimy ghost-claws until you go take a cold shower... at your house... after you've killed him. Which could possibly be never.

Because nasty gays are usually the "outest" and "proudest," a lots of people think that they're the only type of gay. And, to tell the truth, if they were I'd go gaybashing every goddamn day.

The average nasty gay's personality consists of the following (in order of importance): being GAAAAAY!, suckin' dix, myspace pix, expensive brand names (Prada, Abercrombie, and Whole Foods), havin' FUN (MALLS!, GAY BARS!) and ART. All nasty gays believe they are ARTISTS at heart. That's why they take so many rainbow-colored myspace pictures of their naked skinny asses wearing nothing but a stupid tie and a bowler hat. Because it's art.

100% of nasty gays are paired with a similarly nasty fag hag, to whom he tells all of his stories of going bareback with another dude he just met and getting poop all over 3/4 of his shaft. All nasty gays have been around the block enough times to assume that 100% of them are AIDS positive.

Once in a while (frequently) they'll get into a pretend-serious relationship with the "LOVE OF MY LIFE STRYKR <3" and then delete their shared shrine-like myspace when they break up a couple of weeks/days/seconds later.
Nasty gay Riley: "I am GAY, QUEER, FAG, HOMO, whatever you wanna call me--I'm out and proud! And I want to rape every boy I see."

Nasty gay Lang: "Your legs look like stilts. Wanna fuck? Meet me at the gloryhole in ten mins!"
by futanari basashi October 02, 2008
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