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1. (n) A poop that sneaks out of one's butt by disguising itself as gas.
2. (n) A poop in farts' clothing.
3. (n) A Hershey squirt
Alfred thought he was about to pass gas but much to his chagrin he accidentally released some fecal matter; he was mortified by his trojan fart.
by anonymous January 20, 2004
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Disguising of one's glorious flatulence by releasing a'SBD' (silent but deadly) after another releases gas and openly admits to the act - in this event the first to fart will unknowingly smell, and enjoy (believing it was their sent), your fart and possibly even be egotistically proud of the vigor of the second party's flatulence.

1. Ambush: convince another to unknowingly enjoy your sh!t smell.

2. Rebranding: Cover up and hide your sent in another's indiscretions.
Wife: "Tee-Hee, I just did a poo smell..."
Husband: (tactfully releases SBD, then pretends to be displeased) "Phew hun, that one was a 'good' one. You sure beat me for the day!"
Pleased wife: "Tee-Hee."

Trojan fart.
by King Vern November 22, 2014
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