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A game written on a poor engine that could not be patched due to third-party squabbling. Many believe that the game should have been written on the Torque Game Engine, as that was the engine used for the other games in the series.

See also Tribes, Tribes 2.
Tribes Vengeance failed to replace the other two Tribes games.
by Red Shifter February 17, 2005
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The third instalment of the Starsiege Tribes series, that is set 300 years before the first Tribes game.
The Children of the Phoenix is one of the Tribes in Tribes Vengeance.
by ├śrisis September 01, 2003
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1. A Horrid game based on Tribes 2 ,
graphics are good, but gameplay is shitty.
Lamers fire instant kill weapons into bases and kill ANYBODY that spawns, vehicles are useless, weapons do WAY to much damage, move WAY to fast, armors move WAY to fast, has almost no good servers at all, got rid of the dedicated server for things like browsers, ACTUAL clan browser/player browser T-mail (like E-mail), having to log in, etc

also, it got rid of one of the best parts of Tribes 2, the TEAMPLAY, for instance in Tribes 2 if you went into a enemy base (which were HUGE in Tribes 2 compared to Tribes Vengeance) you'd die in a minute or two.
in T:V you will die after about 10.
T:V also got rid of the almost perfect engine Tribes 2 ran on, Torque.

T:V also got rid of the in-game easy to use level editor.

T:V is a piece of junk compared to Tribes 2
1. T:V Is horrid, a rip-off, has very little players, and very bad mod-community (there are only like 3 mods for the game so far despite being out for over 2 years)
by Saber June 04, 2005
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shity shit shit game by game development company that couldnt even make air vehicles fast...
Done by an great game engine but it doesnt have the power to run it.
by A concerned citizen December 07, 2004
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A game where one guy gets in light armor class with an "energy" pack and completely
dominates the entire game. A game where you get 300 points for capturing a flag, but 0 points for piloting successful consecutive bombing missions for 7 minutes straight without crashing once. A game where only few servers are populated and those servers have lazy moderators who would never DARE to rase the time limit above the measly 20 minute default OR create an ORIGINAL map cycle to ensure that players do not have to slave over sucky maps.
I just bought Tribes Vengeance for $22.00 at Circuit city. It was marked down from $50. Let's you know what the distributors and promoters thought of it. Tribes CTF must DIE!
by Battleganz May 09, 2005
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