Top definition the fuys that F***ING GOASTE'D 300,000 PEOPLE
"I posted it over at Tribalwar, but it was already OFN."
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
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3 is a game that includes strategy, planning, friendship, and teamwork. Conquer other peoples villages. PvP, text-based game.
I play Tribalwars because the strategical maneuvers and plans prepares me for future positions in my life, such as the military.
by Ryabear March 10, 2008
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Tribal Wars is a game in which you build your own village and have to defend it or attack other villages.

The people who play this game are usually called 'tribal wars players'.

The stereotypical player is a loser and a withwalker. They have no life at all and play playstation 3 too.
Person 1: Hey, do you play tribal wars?
Person 2: NO, that's for losers and withwalkers.
Person 3: okay :(
by MitsubishiTribalWarrior November 01, 2011
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