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n. The state of being in a long-distance relationship with another person over the Atlantic Ocean, for example, with one participant living in the United States and the other living in the United Kingdom, along with the emotions that accompany such a state, such as the desire of physical intimacy, melancholy and hope.

(Named after Death Cab For Cutie's fourth album, and the title track from that album which discusses such a concept.)
'I'm telling you, man; me and her are the definition of transatlanticism.'
by Chris Ogden September 24, 2006
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The state of being much too far from your significant other.
A long distance relationship.
The term is coined from the song 'Transatlanticism' by Death Cab for Cutie.
Girl: I miss you and I picked out our song
Boy (2000 miles away): Awww I miss you too.. What is it?
Girl: Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie
Boy: -listens- It's perfect!
by whoooooooot1234 June 05, 2011
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1. Death cab for cuties fourth cd album.
2. A song about a long distant relationship
did you buy death cabs most recent cd "transatlanticism?"
by Lisa August 06, 2004
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