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A hot female who does not have sufficient financial resources to fully accentuate her positive attributes.

She is typically white. She likely has a tramp stamp, died hair that is long overdue for a refresh, a halter-top, and at least one unconventional piercing somewhere other than her ears.

She probably smokes, drinks, and has less than stellar teeth. She is most often seen in public places such as WalMart, the social security office, or the DMV.
Man that fine ass white-trash chick sure is trailerific.
by Hillbilly Billy May 08, 2008
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Word used by people who create movie trailers to describe a piece of emotional, uplifting music that would be used for the trailer of a big dramatic movie or tv show.
"That Anberline tune "You Belong Here" is TRAILERIFIC. Let's put it on that Russell Crowe trailer.
by AverageWhiteGuy October 27, 2010
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