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Activity in which a group or individual goes to a beach and scouts for topless sunbathers on thier own. Group or person (always male) waits until topless sunbather goes into the sea leaving her clothes and equipment unattended. Clothes, towel etc. is then picked up and moved out of sight. When topless woman returns, she *may* allow the group or person to feel her tits (someone told me they got thier cock sucked too) in exchange for the safe return of their items. If not, the woman will face a long, semi-naked walk back to the hotel or villa.
Andalucia (southern spain-costa del sol) is a great place for towel lifting.
by kung-fu jesus September 10, 2004
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Towel lifting is when you pull a turban off of a muslims head, and run with it.
"Hey dude lets do some towel lifting today."
"great idea, but be careful we don't wanta get one with a hand gernade in it"
by takethathill August 19, 2006
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