a.k.a. water boy. At a sports match, this is the kid or aspiring athlete who hangs out at the sideline with a squirt bottle of water and a towel, and hands these to the athlete(s) whenever they vaguely wave their hand in his direction.
He wanted a career in football but only got as far as towel boy.
by davefromgraz June 18, 2008
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young boys that carried towels in bathhouses
gio scotti looks like a towel boy in ancient greece
by doboteretoh_doghorse May 22, 2023
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A male actor who does not have any problem with the Ren faire, wearing towels around the house, public displays of wang, or bringing homeless tweak nuts over to the house for extended periods of time.
Fuck you, towel boy.
Break a leg, towel boy.
Towel boy, I am SO glad you don't live at my house any more, you suck-ass bitch!
by ericb March 25, 2003
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