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The process of one person using his cell to call another person's cell, so that they each have the other's number.
Mike: Eric, give me your number so we can touch cocks.
Eric: Excuse me?
Mike: I'll call you so you have my number. I call it touching cocks. It's my thing.
Eric: That will never catch on.
Mike: Yes it will.
by Michael Grant December 17, 2010
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Noun:- Game in which one male will touch another male's penis (with no force exerted), whilst at the same time exclaiming 'Touchcock!'. The aim is to catch the other competitor unawares, much like the popular 'circle game', however the reward is the dignity of the touched as apposed to a punch.
'Hey man how's it goin? Hope you're all good TOUCHCOCK!' *touches cock*
by Shaun Staff June 11, 2007
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